Tailwind #11 – Sisters

xpect themIf you can’t tell by now, I’m big on intraspection.  Understanding who am as a

Kathy Chris Nose
Were you always nice to your little brother??  Your nose says “No.”

person, and who I am not, is a life-long, on-going process that may be beneficial in the long run but not always comfortable or fun. I award full credit to three people for sending me on this lengthy journey of constant curiosity and self-exploration. Ironically, these same three people would happily cut the odyssey short and save me the trouble of contemplating my place in the world if I would simply pick up the phone and ask their opinion. Not coincidentally, they all share the same title; sister.


Sisters are an enigma.  A sister is the first person who will pick you up and put you back together when you need it the most but they will also cut you to the quick when they deem it necessary.  This tipping point is completely arbitrary, at their sole discretion and fluctuates greatly depending on the last thing you did to them or for them. They will go to the grave with your deepest secret but will not hesitate to drop the dime when you are trying to eat food in the living room which was strictly forbidden.  At times they may fight with each other and seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Don’t be fooled, however, they will spontaneously unite and be more in sync than Joey Fatone and Lance Bass if you intervene.

Despite their ambiguous tendencies, I consider myself lucky to have three older sisters. They are each very different and yet it’s easy to see the common thread.
Kathy - FunnyKathy is the oldest.  She’s a very smart, logical, fun, outgoing person with a strong sense of conviction and humor.  She brutally honest and now that I don’t live with her, I love her for it.

Nancy on horse
Nancy horseback riding on a beach.

Nancy is without a doubt the strongest most determined person I have ever met. She has her challenges but nothing stands in her way.  She was a tough act to follow as a kid. I had no excuses. Watching her overcome obstacle after obstacle shaped the way I view the world.

File May 15, 10 37 59 PMChris is the closest to me in age being 6 years older. I felt so special when she would let me hang out with her “cool friends” only to be crushed when they repeatedly sent me errands and vanished upon my return.  Looking, back this reeks of Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown. Despite her therapy inducing hijinx, Chris was always the compassionate one. As the family aged, she emerged as an amazing leader. There is nothing any of us would not do for her because we know she would do the same for us.

Looking back, I undoubtedly fulfilled my role as the baby brother. But I would argue I was equal part tormentor and victim. That being said, this positive review would not have always been the case but age tends to open the eyes and soften the heart. As much as they provided my need for therapy, they also furnished their own brand.  They’ve always been a Tailwind and they always will be.  Well…. except maybe the time Kathy looked me straight in the eyes and said “I don’t like you”.  That stung a little.




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