Tailwinds Update

So I think my goal of doing 30 Tailwind Posts in 30 days was a little ambitious.  Believe it or not, I’m not a full-time writer.  As such, my day job can be a little taxing on my time.

Baby - BlogI am not giving up the Tailwinds theme. There are a few Tailwinds written but not quite ready to publish.  I enjoy writing these posts and have received some great feedback which I really really appreciate.  Please continue to let me know what you think and maybe even pass along a Jack Fact to your network of choice.

My new goal is to continue the quest for recognizing 30 Tailwinds and deliver them on a Running Tailwindsemi-frequent basis.  They just may not appear in your inbox every day.


Maybe it’s the positive vibes of the Tailwinds, but I’m digging this project.  I hope you enjoy reading them and notice a few of your own.


What do you think?

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