Tailwinds Day #7 – Dogs With Hats

A dog in a hat is funny. I’m not saying I think it’s funny. I’m stating it as a fact. It’s not cute. It’s not adorable. It’s just plain funny.

smartly-dressed-pets-14jpgThere is something about a dog in a hat that plucks even the most calloused and hard to find funny bone.  If you know of someone having a tough time, send them a Dog In A Hat.  You’re an instant tailwind.

A dog in a hat it takes on a personality.  You want to hang out with that dog. You want to have the fashion sense of that dog.  You might not even like dogs, but you like that dog. I
Dark Dog in hatI’m not alone here, there are three forums on Reddit dedicated to our well appointed canine friends. Dogs Wearing Hats, Dogs Wearing Funny Hats,  Dogs In Hats.  Then, of course, there are Samuel Jacksonthose people with specific fetishes; Dog With Cats As Hats and Get Along Little Doggie which specializes in dogs in Cowboy Hats.  Personally, I’m not into that sort of thing, but whatever floats
your boat. These pages have more than combined 20,200 subscribers on Reddit alone.  That’s 20,000 people who clicked a box to say “yes, please send me every picture of a dog in a hat that you’ve got!!!”  I don’t know enough about the DIH culture to

Old Guy - Dog in hat
This is not a passing fad.  This trendsetter, go-getter was setting the tone back in the 30s’

know if there is a rivalry between these factions or what the subtle nuances may be, but I think they all agree on one thing.  Dogs In Hats are awesome.


Just to prove that in every crowd there is a vacuum of fun, antagonists created a subreddit called; Pictures Of Dogs Not Wearing Hats.  Their anti movement has only three subscribers. This can be seen as a huge victory for us normal people.

Dog with PipeI have made a point to document these people and I intend to cross-reference them with a list of people who do NOT like Sir Mix A Lot and “Big Butts”.  This site is probably a sham though; those people lie.  

Enjoy the rest of your Friday……..




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