Tailwinds Day #2 – History

In my world, history is a source of Tailwinds.  When you think about it, humans have done some amazing things, under difficult and sometimes awful conditions.

Things that run through my mind:

  • Developing a new science or technology with only a vision and rudimentary tools.
  • Standing up to an establishment in the face of personal harm for the betterment of others.
  • Men marching hundreds of miles, in not so comfortable shoes or clothes designed to breathe existing on nutrition that makes Spam look like a delicacy, to stand in a line in an open field to fight a battle they feel is just.
  • Those who somehow managed to hold onto hope when it seemed there was 0% chance of a better life while interned in a concentration camp or life of slavery.

Calm HistoryThese examples of courage, intelligence and conviction were
accomplished by people with DNA  very similar to ours.  Because of their efforts, we now we now have a better world and broader minds.  With history and a little empathy as a reference point, sometimes headwinds are put into perspective and become a little more manageable.



What do you think?

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