Tailwinds #9 – YouTube DIY Rockstars

In the world of YouTube, they are not truly “stars.”  No one is paying $170 to stand in a room with thousands of other Do It Yourself homeowners to scream when “Mike The Electrician” walks on stage. But, I’d sure as hell give him a firm handshake and maybe even a quick man hug if I met him.

(Side note – If you are not familiar with the Magcon Tour and didn’t understand this reference, consider yourself fortunate. In the event you want to be mad at talentless teenagers, here’s the link www.magcontour.com).
Photo Apr 10, 11 01 23 PM
Would you check out the springs on The Guy!!!

These heroes of the homeowner are VIPs to me. They save me mucho dinero and provide a little education along the way. Last weekend Mr. CrossettBoy (full disclosure – this gentleman has not been a “boy” since he graduated Crossett High in 1958) taught me how to replace broken springs on a garage door. Total estimated savings for Jack – $125!  Side note – although his wife Shirley’s cinematography could be called into question when staging Crossettboy’s DIY videos, homegirl can bust out a mean “Oreo Ice Cream Dessert” which is highlighted in another video on the channel.

This time last week, I was pricing out new laptop computers.  Now, thanks to the

Photo Apr 11, 9 22 46 PM
It did seem sort of like one computer was overseeing the operation of another.  Not quite AI, but it worked for my imagination.

demonstration of my new virtual mentor Justin Murphy, your’s truly knows how to upgrade RAM and a calibrate a new battery.  After the two simple changes I made, the laptop already performs like new. When all is said and done these parts cost me $250.  Estimated savings to Jack by not having to buy a new computer: $1,700!!!

My coup de grâce was replacing the carburetor on the vintage lawn tractor I mentioned in the last post. Thanks to the lessons learned from helpful southern gentlemen with strong accents, I took it apart and put it back together again without causing Gary to miss a single Orioles game.

If it’s to be learned; it’s on YouTube. Go ahead, ask me about my yoga practice, I’ll

Duke didn’t seem real enthused to be these but he was very relatable.  Again – Duke Fightmaster; awesome name!

send you to Fightmaster Yoga. Leslie doesn’t judge me and even understands my needs. Just yesterday she posted a video entitled “Yoga For My Husband (or anyone who isn’t flexible).” Side note – her husband’s name is Duke Fightmaster which might just be the coolest name I’ve ever heard. Duke does not seem overly excited to be a participant in this video.

Thank you Mr. Crossetboy, Justin Murphy, southern dudes with accents, and Leslie Fightmaster for all of your tutelage.  A special shout out to Duke for playing along and showing me that dudes with cool names have the flexibility of normal dudes.


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