Tailwinds Day #3 – “Jimmy Jam” Johnson

On this bright sunny Monday morning, it seems fitting that today’s Tailwind is brought to you by Jim Johnson. When I started with Radio One, “Jimmy Jam” was a major influence and deserves a lot of credit for success I may have had during my early years with the company. He was a veteran seller who knew almost everyone in Baltimore, yet he spent more than one late night talking this young account executive off of ledges and navigating the problem du jour. He didn’t need to do this, but I’m glad he did. His generosity and willingness to help “the new kid” when I had absolutely nothing to offer in return made a huge impression that has not been forgotten. Jim has since left the company but think of his guidance often.

Fast forward many years to present day. I don’t speak with Jim as often as I would like. However, thanks to the power of social media, I am still inspired by Jim on a daily basis. Every morning, without fail, by the time I get out of bed Jim has completed a daily walk regardless of weather conditions and has posted a synopsis on Facebook with a few daily headlines. I enjoy reading updates and draw motivation from the fact he is already up and taking on the world.

Thanks for all of this Jimmy Jam.


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